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Glitter, anyone? Add some sparkles to your New Year designs by downloading this FREE New Year Clip Art Pack today.

A new year means a whole new chapter full of exciting opportunities. So, let’s celebrate it with something sparkly! This FREE New Year Clip Art Pack is here to help you create some fun and elegant New Year-related designs.

In this article, you’ll find out what’s inside the pack, get some creative ideas on how to use it, and follow along with a helpful tutorial for utilizing the clip arts in your next project.

Inside This FREE Sparkling New Year Clip Art Pack

This pack contains seven New Year-related illustrations with an elegant white/black/gold color palette and a lot of sparkles.

Each clip art comes in a PNG file format with a transparent background for flexible use in your designs. They’re available in a high-quality 300 dpi resolution, so you don’t have to worry about losing their quality if you want to print them to A3 size (11.7 x 16.5 inches).

Examples of the seven clip arts included in this pack: 2 champagne bottles, champagne flute, confetti, disco ball, fireworks, and balloons
Sparkles, anyone?

There are seven illustrations included in the pack:

  • Confetti popper
  • Champagne
  • Popped champagne
  • Champagne flute
  • Fireworks
  • Balloons
  • Disco ball

A Closer Look Inside the Pack

Multi-colored balloons and disco ball clip arts
Disco is alive and well.
Closeup of the disco ball clip art
The disco ball—ready to add some shimmers to your next project.
Champagne bottle, confetti popper, and fireworks clip art examples
Pop-off the new year with these dazzling clip arts.
Popped champagne bottle with sparkles shooting out the top on a solid black background
Elegant and fun.
Champagne bottle and flute, both up-close and in the background
It wouldn’t be the new year without some bubbles.
Five gold and sparkly fireworks on a solid black background
Got to have those fireworks!

How to Download This FREE Sparkling New Year Clip Art Pack

Click the red download button below and extract the zip files. You’ll get seven high-quality PNG files that you can use to make some creative designs.

Download the FREE Sparkling New Year Clip Arts Here

By downloading this FREE Sparkling New Year Clip Art Pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Get Creative: Ideas on How to Use This Clip Art Pack

How about throwing a (COVID-safe) New Year’s Eve party with your own DIY party supplies decoration? These clip arts are perfect as decorating elements.

Here are some designs that you can make using the pack:

Bunting Flag

Five flags on a banner - each flag with a different clip art including champagne flute, disco ball, balloons, champagne bottle, and fireworks
Create this festive bunting flag to decorate your party venue. Mockup via Blachkovsky.

Cake Topper

Three cupcakes with pink icing and a clip art topper including fireworks, champagne bottle, and confetti popper
Print a simple cupcake topper for your party treats. Image via Melissa S Bornbach.

Paper Cup

A man's hand is holding a paper cup decorated with clip arts including champagne bottle, disco ball, confetti popper, and fireworks
What’s a party without a little drinkie? Set the clip arts as a pattern to make a customized paper cup. Mockup via Konstantin Kolosov.

If only there was an easy way to create a pattern like this . . . Good news, there is! Follow the step-by-step tutorial below.

How to Create a New Year Seamless Pattern Using Adobe Photoshop 2021 Pattern Preview

Before you start this tutorial, make sure you already downloaded the clip arts on your computer. This tutorial uses Adobe Photoshop version 2021, which has the major update for designing a pattern.

Now, there’s a new feature called Pattern Preview, which will help you create a pattern much easier than before. You just need to follow these five easy steps . . .

Step 1: Prepare the Document

To create a standard pattern, you can create a 1000 x 1000 pixels canvas with 300 dpi resolution. Create any size that you need, but the size needs to be a 1:1 square.

Make sure the color mode is CMYK if you intend to use the pattern for prints, or RGB for digital use. (You can learn the distinctions between the two color modes in this article).

A screenshot of how to set up new document in Photoshop
Set up your new document.

Step 2: Enable Pattern Preview

To use Pattern Preview, go to View and select Pattern Preview. This will take you to a preview that’ll make it easier for you to create patterns.

A screenshot of where the Pattern Preview option is under the View tab
Go to Pattern Preview.

Step 3: Insert the Clip Arts as a Pattern

Now that you’re in Pattern Preview, you can start inserting the clip arts and adjusting the composition. You can easily drag-and-drop the clip arts to insert into your document.

Screenshot gif demonstrating how to insert and adjust the clip arts for your composition
Easy, right?

Step 4: Adjust the Composition

You can use just one clip art to create a simple pattern, but you can also use multiple clip arts to create a more dynamic pattern. If you want to use multiple clip arts, simply insert another one and adjust the composition again.

Tip: To make a seamless pattern, ignore the rectangular document area that we created earlier. It’s okay if your clip art hits the border. You can zoom out to see the result of the pattern. Focus on the result of the pattern. Just adjust until you achieve your desired look.

Screenshot gif of how to adjust the clip arts in the composition
Try to make the clip art as seamless as possible.

Step 5: Save as Pattern

Finally, it’s time to save your creation in the form of a pattern. First, you need to activate the Pattern window by clicking Window -> Pattern. After that, look for the “+” sign to add a pattern from the active document. Save your pattern and make sure to title it.

Hooray, your pattern is ready. Good job!

Screenshot of how to add additional clip art and name the file
Find the “+” button sign to insert clip art.
This screenshot shows an example of how and where your document is saved
Your pattern is automatically saved in the pattern window.
The final view of your finished composition including the disco ball, fireworks, champagne bottle, and confetti popper
You just created a seamless pattern. Lovely!

How cool is that?