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Embrace the tranquility of winter in your next design with these calming cold-weather backgrounds. Download these beauties now.

Snow-covered mountains, still skies, frozen lakes. Winter is here! And, don’t get us wrong, sub-zero temperatures are harsh. But, the season can also be quite peaceful.

Check out these FREE winter landscape backgrounds and incorporate seasonal serenity into your next design.

Included in This FREE Winter Landscape Background

In this freebie, you’ll get four winter landscape illustrations. Each illustration comes in JPEG format in a high 300 dpi resolution. So, you don’t have to worry if you want to use it for common digital use (social media, web) or print up to A3 size (11.7 x 16.5 inches).

Each illustration comes in two versions—landscape orientation and portrait orientation—suitable for any of your design needs and ready to use without needing any intricate adjustments.

Winter Landscape Background
The winter landscape backgrounds come in two orientations—landscape and portrait.

Winter Landscape Background Previews

Landscape Orientation
Landscape orientation.
Portrait Orientation
Portrait orientation.


Winter Day Preview
A blissful winter day.


Winter Night Preview
A calm, silent night.


Winter Forest Preview
A serene, snow-covered forest.


Winter Lake Preview
A mysterious winter lake.

How to Download Your FREE Winter Landscape Backgrounds

To download the FREE Winter Landscape Backgrounds, all you need to do is click on the red download button below. Then, unzip the downloaded file to access your images.

Download Your FREE Winter Landscape Backgrounds

By downloading this FREE Winter Landscape Backgrounds, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

What You Can Do with the FREE Winter Landscape Backgrounds

These winter landscape illustrations are perfect as design backgrounds because every illustration has a large blank space for various design elements (text, shapes, images, etc.).

But, you can also use the background as it is—it’s just as pretty on its own.


Winter Landscape Bookmark
Cozy-up to the fire and read that book you’ve been putting offyou know the one. Print the winter landscape backgrounds as a bookmark and you’re set.

Desktop Wallpaper

Winter Landscape Desktop
Feel that peaceful winter vibe every time you look at your computer. Mockup image via uteksk7.

Phone Wallpaper

Winter Landscape Phone Wallpaper
Set it as your phone wallpaper for a soothing atmosphere.

Instagram Story Background

Instagram Story Background
Use it as the background of your Instagram story and throw some cool winter quotes in.

Winter Menu Design

Winter Menu Design
Create a special winter menu design for your business or (Covid-safe) holiday party.

How to Design a Foldable Winter Menu with the Winter Landscape Backgrounds

Before you start this tutorial, make sure you already have the winter landscape background file on your computer. Then, go to Shutterstock Editor with your desktop browser.

Step 1: Prepare the Document

We’re going to design a folding menu from an A4-sized document. When you’re creating a new document, input a height of 21cm and a width of 29.7cm. Make sure your resolution is at 300 dpi for the best print quality.

Creat New Document
Create a new document in size A4 (29.7 x 21 cm).

Step 2: Split the Document into Two Sides

To mark the paper fold, we need to make a splitter. Use this trick: Add a Line from the Elements menu, then click More -> Align -> Middle and Center so that the line is right in the center of the document.

Center the Image

Step 3: Insert the Background

After creating the splitter, it’s time to upload the winter background of your choice. Our design canvas is in landscape orientation, so select the available background in the Landscape folder.

Upload the Background
Upload the background by clicking My Files -> Upload Image.

Step 4: Arrange the Splitter

If your splitter is covered by the background, rearrange the location of the splitter by right-clicking and selecting Move to Front. If the splitter is hard to see, you can use the Border menu to change the color of the splitter.

Move the Splitter
Move the splitter to the front and change the color with the Border menu so that it’s easier to see.

Step 5: Add the Text and Adjust the Layout

Next, you can start activating your creativity. On the blank space of the background, add the text, select a font, and start adjusting the layout. Keep in mind that you can alternate between Regular, Bold, and Italic font to make your design look more dynamic.

When you’re done, don’t forget to delete the splitter. Finish up by clicking on the red Download button to save your design on your computer.

Voilà, your winter menu is ready to rock!

Add Text
Add your text with the Text (A) menu, then adjust the font and layout until you’re satisfied with your design.