Your Facebook page is your own little corner of the Internet, and your Facebook cover photo is the best way to truly make it your own. Cover photos are what pro designers call a “hero image” and what everyone else just calls a first impression – they’re big, center-focused, and hard to ignore. Our Facebook cover photo templates are designed by pros to be the main visual element of your personal or business Facebook page. Keeping them fresh is a good way to stay relevant and up-to-date.

What is a Facebook cover photo?

What is a Facebook cover photo?

A Facebook cover photo is essentially a background header image that appears on your personal or your brand’s Facebook page. Unlike the profile picture, a cover photo communicates more general interests, aesthetics, or activities. A cover photo appears only on your page, so visitors will have to visit the page to see it. However, updating the cover photo creates a post notification, which is a good way to entice viewers to check out your Facebook page.
How to create an engaging
Facebook cover photo using templates
in Shutterstock Editor
Ready to start building an engaging Facebook cover photo for your page? You don’t have to start from scratch. Shutterstock Editor already has several high-quality Facebook cover templates. Just follow these 7 easy steps.
Step 1 - FB Cover

Step 1:

Choose a template by hovering over the "template" icon in the toolbar on the left side of the screen. Scroll through the available templates until you find one that matches the tone and feel you're looking for.
Step 2 - FB Cover

Step 2:

Select the text editor icon from the toolbar, and update the text with the message you'd like to send.
Step 3 - FB Cover

Step 3:

Using the elements icon in the toolbar, you can add additional shapes, icons, or emojis to personalize your image and its message.
Step 4 - FB Cover

Step 4:

Browse the Shutterstock library with the search icon at the top of the toolbar. Try different search terms or phrases to narrow your search down to the perfect image.
Step 5 - FB Cover

Step 5:

Set the photo as your background, and position it however you like.
Step 6 - FB Cover

Step 6:

License the image quickly and easily by clicking on "download".
Step 7 - FB Cover

Step 7:

License and download the photo and upload your custom cover photo to Facebook.
5 simple tips to get the most out of your Facebook cover photo

Tip #1: Stay in the Safe Zone Your Facebook cover photo will appear differently on a phone than it will on a tablet or a screen. This is because Facebook scales the photo to fit the size of the display device. On a phone, that means that the sides of the image will be cropped. To keep your cover photo optimized for your viewers, be sure you keep your most important content, like a message or a call to action, in the center of your photo. This way every viewer will take away the same message, no matter which device they're using. Tip #2: Keep It Simple Busy images or images with lots of detail can be overwhelming or distracting — especially as a background cover photo. In order to complement your profile image, choose a cover image that is uncomplicated and easy to take in with only one glance. Some tried-and-true examples include landscapes, product shots, and skylines. These images leave plenty of space for your messaging or your logo, without creating a distraction. Tip #3: Follow the Rule of Thirds The Rule of Thirds is a design idea that has appeared in art and architecture for ages. Basically, the idea is that you want the elements of your image that attract the viewer's eye to appear along a grid of lines that divides your images into 9 parts. The intersection of these imaginary lines creates more visual interest than dividing things by halves. (But remember to keep your most important messaging in the middle — use the rule of thirds for your background imagery.) Tip #4: Stay Seasonal A good way to engage with your audience is to use the changing of the seasons as a reason to update your Facebook cover photo. If your brand is aligned with any big events throughout the calendar year, search for some complementary images to give your audience good reasons to keep interacting with you all year long. Tip #5: Change It Up It's easy to fall into routines when it comes to how we represent ourselves online. We like what we like, and it can feel comfortable to keep featuring the same kinds of images. However, variety is the spice of life, so when you're updating your Facebook cover image, try out some ideas you haven't considered before. The Shutterstock library is full of inspiration, so try a few new searches, and give your audience something they haven't seen before.

Ready to create your Facebook cover photo? Start with these curated templates.